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CORE's best big air kite just got even better! The major improvement with this release are lighter struts, a new canopy material and subtle changes to the wing profile. These have resulted in an 8% lighter, faster looping, higher jumping kite. 4 of our team riders have been in the photoshoot in Cape Town and Mexico with this kite for the past few months so we can tell you first-hand how the XR7 performs.


Major upgrades

CORETEX® 2.0 TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Improved durability and UV protection.
EXOTEX® LIGHT STRUTS: Super tough yet lighter than the original.

What we like

The XR7 is 8% lighter than the XR6, making it turn faster and catch faster after kiteloops. Our team riders who have been participating in the photoshoot in Cape Town can attest to this.

This kite makes big air, old school and high-performance big air such as that seen in KOTA more accessible to ordinary riders. For this reason, we've seen this style of kite, and this kite in particular, growing in popularity. You've got everyone from weekend warriors, right up to big air shredders like Janek Grzegorzewski ripping on this kite. Needless to say, the high demand for the XR6 also makes for great resale value!


Kite design

The 5 struts make for a rigid wing, ensuring it maintains an aerodynamic shape even when you're lit. Flatter kites like this are characterized by power on demand (aka sheet in and go), long hangtime, a large wind range and great ease of use. The bridles and pulleys give the kite more possible angles of attack into the wind, which is what gives the kite its high jumping performance, but the trade off of this is less direct steering. This may take some getting used to for C-kite purists, but the rewards are massive once you've got a feel for the kite.

Jump report

We've found the XR7 provides a more vertical take off and even more lift than the XR6. Incredible sheet-in-and go makes reaching big heights a breeze. It's no wonder the top 6 of the top 10 WOO jumps were posted on an XR.

Loop report

We love looping the XR7! The 8% weight savings and faster turning make it catch faster, so we've been able to push the limits even harder on the XR7 9m and 10m. Although you've got to know what you're doing to get the 10m to always catch you, the loops become extremely fun and high-performance from the 9m down. That being said, you can loop any kite if you're high enough. When Janek Grzegorzewski gets lit on his 12m you'll see him throwing massive kiteloop backrolls- something that simply wasn't possible with the kites we were riding 4 years ago. The great thing about looping is the XRs is that it's so much easier to get the height required for a kiteloop than some more technical kites, like the GTS6 or Nexus 2. This makes your jumps more consistent and thus your kiteloops consistently safer.

Unhooking report

As Steven Akkersdijk says, "I'm in love with the 17 and 15 for unhooked. I guess the 13.5 down to 11 can still be quite fun. Smaller than that the feeling on the bar gets hard for wakestyle and so does the pop."

It feels like

Easy. There is quite a lot of bar-pressure, which makes it easy to know where the kite is. It's got quite a lot of grunt, so be prepared to put your back into the harness to keep it down, such as when performing exit loops after slides.

This product is made for

Big air, old-school and freeride. It excels at these disciplines, whilst still being a beginner friendly kite. We don't recommend this kite for foiling or wave-riding.

Quality report

The only flaw we have found with the XR7 is that the pigtails on the kite wear out a bit faster than we would like. To avoid this, we recommend you make sure there is no sand between the knots when securing them.

Weapon of choice for

Janek Grzegorzewski, Giel Vlugt, High Mike, Maarten Haeger, Josh Emanuel

Woo record on this kite

We'll soon find out!

What's included

Premium backpack
Repair Kit
Bar and Pump sold separately


12 months

    Questions & Answers

    • Will the xr7 work with a cabinha or slingshot bar? Yes it will work on any bar with 4 equal length lines. It performs best on a CORE bar due to the high split in the middle lines on the CORE bars, but it's not essential.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Matthew Marshall
    Go big or go home!

    Ordered my new xr7 from here, came in a few days! Yip!!!

    Roger Dominguez
    XR7 - A ticket to the Moon

    Had my first session on my new 9m. It performed way above my expectations. The fit and finish are next level. I come from Cabrinha SB's and this thing is smoother has more hang time and everything just feels right. I was instantly confident on it. No joke first jump was a new PR. Loops smoothly, intuitive, and feels like a dream. I felt like a had a few more seconds in the air with this thing. Highly recommend if you are going for Big Air riding. Thanks BAK crew!!!

    Gorm Eriksen
    Fucking love my XR7 9m2

    Its lighter, faster and loops like magic.

    Magnus Danbolt
    Top kite

    I got my kite delivered to my door, smoothly and quickly, really good service! The kite is so light! First time out I loved how the XR7 12m worked in light winds. Me and some foil kites were boosting while others with 12 or 13 had to work their kites just to stay afloat. Now after a few sessions in more wind I found the XR7 more responsive and nippier in the turns than the XR6. But still rock steady in the air. My only quality concern is that there was quite a few long white thread ends from the stitching hanging out here and there that I had to cut off. I just suppose it was a new-kite thing and that the stiching wont start ripping..

    Szymon Dzionk
    Innovative XR7

    Brilliant service, great communication through WhatsApp, quick and efficient responses. Enthusiastic in solving issues (PayPal payments) and willing to help when we needed kite as soon as possible because of holidays. Only BAK had the new XR7 in stock ready to send that time. Shipment was fast and took as long as BAK said.
    I have never liked to ride a big kites because they were rough in motion until I bought 13.5m XR7. It reacts really quickly and turns easily as for the big kite, better than my previous 12m other brands kites. The hang time is outstanding, landing is super long and soft. The wind range is surprisingly wide, now I have a lot of fun when the wind is light, so I can ride more often. I can feel the innovative construction and high quality. That is definitely the kite that will take me to the next level. Supporting riders is fantastic idea!

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